About Emily Smith Acupuncture


I believe in providing effective and compassionate acupuncture and health care.

I am convinced that chronic stress, pain, fatigue and early aging do not have to be our constant companions. Today it seems harder than ever for our natural processes of healing to get their job done. Daily stresses challenge our body's basic functions.  Because there is no mind body split, treatments for the body necessarily include our human consciousness—a sense that we matter, that we are connected to each other and our world. 

My approach is to address mind and body simultaneously, drawing on my training in both Eastern and Western acupuncture in addition to certification and experience as a counselor. 

Having someone to support, educate and offer encouragement allows for change and ultimately freedom from the stuck, isolated fear that keeps so many people suffering. I want more for you! I know from my own experience that change is possible—even the life-long-never-gonna-change patterns that seem permanent can change. I am here to see to it that you begin to tell yourself stories that heal, empower and help you bring your gifts to the world. 

I am intensely grateful to live in Marin with my teenage daughter and our cat, Tora. After living and studying in Japan for 22 years, my children and I landed in the Bay Area.  I enjoy East Coast Swing, Qi Gong, hiking, swimming and reveling in the Bay Area's cultural diversity.  The communities that have embraced me remind me how precious we all are. I feel supported and inspired as I expand my vision of what is possible for myself and our world.