Japanese Acupuncture

Fine gauge needling and precise point location describe Japanese acupuncture. Because our bodies are made up of dynamic physiological systems, acupuncture points move and change size from day to day. Emily takes care to identify where stress and tension are hiding in your body each time you come in. Acupuncture helps the body redress stress by increasing blood flow through joints and tissues, facilitating optimal physiological function.

Japanese needles are thin and the needling is shallow— generally within the fascia or connective tissue where cellular communication occurs. Symptoms or complaints represent the accumulation of barriers to that cellular communication. Facilitating cellular communication is the primary goal of acupuncture treatment—healthy bodies are perfectly capable of maintaining the subtle balance within and between tissues. Sudden acute or chronic long term stress cause reactions throughout our body disrupting our natural ability to maintain optimal physiological function— think inflammation, hormonal imbalances, stiffness in joints and muscles, pain, disturbed sleep and an inability to relax and concentrate, headaches, irregular digestion, shallow breath, high blood pressure. Symptoms and conditions reflect the way our body responds to our unique stresses. Acupuncture treatments first help us become aware how our body is compensating for the stress we experience and then reminds the body how to relax and release that stress.